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Specialists in unlocking leadership talent and rooting healthy management behaviours that will drive and nurture what’s critical to your business. 


About LP Consulting

LP Consulting was conceived by Lorissa Page, a highly experienced and regarded thought leader with a creative, dynamic and personable approach to people strategy development and operations. 

If your business relies on people - staff, customers or clients, your ability to connect and interact effectively with people is essential to the performance and growth of the company. LP also stands for Love People - It’s all about the people - you, me and we.


LP Consulting believe that for your business to be a success, every person working in that business counts and this starts with your leaders and managers.

What we do

Organic approaches and solutions to improve your business performance and leadership potential.

Mark Perring, Managing Director, Valusys Ltd.

“We have no regrets! Lorissa Page was professional, fair, balanced and helped my organisation deal with potential disaster.  I would highly recommend Lorissa to all my business associates.” 


—  Name, Title

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