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What we do

Organic approaches and solutions to improve your business performance and leadership potential.


Lorissa Page Consulting partner with businesses to improve productivity and performance through leaders’ and managers’ performance and behaviours.  LP Consulting work directly with leaders and have developed the Roots Leadership approach to support their growth and leadership capability.


For your business to be a success, every person working in that business counts and this starts with your leaders and managers. 

Lorissa Page Consulting connects with the people, strategy and business infrastructure in a meaningful way to get to the heart of issues and barriers to increase business performance.  LP Consulting understand people - what motivates and engages them in the business, which enables us to produce holistic and imaginative workforce strategies. 


Business performance, profitability and reputation are dependent on a healthy workplace culture.  Happy employees work harder and smarter for your business. 


Lorissa’s innovative approach to improving performance through employee engagement and wellbeing has also gained national recognition through BBC News coverage.

For businesses that do not have or need their own dedicated in-house HR team or for start ups and relocating businesses. 


LP Consulting will ensure your HR business needs are taken care of by providing legally compliant processes and people management procedures that reflect the progressive style and culture of your business. 


We will also support your challenging people management negotiations and business transformation.  a paragraph. 

A thought leader in leadership, employee engagement, wellbeing and inclusive workplace culture, Lorissa Page speaks at national Conferences, Seminars and Events with business and organisational leaders. Most recently at the Big South London Innovation and Growth Summit in 2022.

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