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4 Ways Leaders Can Inspire Brilliance

Great leadership is an art and skill in its own right. This 4 step guide identifies how to inspire brilliance and be a leader teams will want to follow.

Passionate and Inspirational Leaders Drive Success
Passionate and Inspirational Leaders Drive Success

Be a leader of choice

Who is truly happy with mediocre service? Yet businesses, organisations and companies large and small accept this situation from their people managers that exhibit poor leadership skills. As for the employees under their management, they experience the brunt of this mediocre service in the form of poor leadership day after day.

A large number of the managers I come across have been given the responsibility of managing people based on their past track record of success in some other area. Be that based on technical, professional expertise or an ability to close sales and exceed sales targets. Great as these skills may be, they will not automatically translate to being an outstanding leader or manager.

What is often underestimated is that great leadership is an art, craft and expertise in its own right.

For those already in management positions, you can refine your people management skills and behaviours. This 4 step guide identifies how to inspire brilliance and be a leader teams will want to follow:

1. Be a breath of fresh air….

Do not underestimate the power of an enthusiastic leader, no I’m not talking about a person who lives with their head in the clouds.

A #visionary, big picture leader who believes in the possible by working with and through their teams can achieve the impossible. Employees spend a lot of their waking day at work and during this time they want to be #inspired.

2. BFF, I think not…..

You cannot nor should you want to be everyone’s friend. Strive to earn their respect by respecting what they do, how they do it and more importantly who they are. This will enable you to speak their language in order to get the best results possible.

I have yet to to work in a business where every employee sees eye to eye all of the time. Yes there are times when leaders will need to address some form of conflict, personality clash or under performer. Ignore it at your peril - the problem never goes away, it will rear its head at some time or another.

Be fair to your workforce by tackling those tricky conversations head on. Seek to hear and understand the views and perspectives of the individuals concerned. Whilst ensuring you make your position and expectations clear.

4. Challenge the status quo, bring your personality to work - don’t be a corporate clone.

Great leadership leads to team success
Team Success

Can your business afford to have people on the brink of walking out, or worse still, remain in the workplace bitterly unhappy and unproductive. YouGov and MHR survey found that 73% of employees who have been on the receiving end of poor management have considered leaving a job, and 55% have actually left their employer due to bad management.

Lorissa Page Consultancy’s Roots Leadership approach supports leaders and managers to become inspirational leaders. To find out more or to book a 10 minute call contact

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